Frequently Asked Questions about Freedom Now

Is it too late to get tickets?
Almost. We still have some tickets left. If you are planning on coming, please RSVP asap to

$150 for a book party?! What the…..?
This event is a fundraiser for LA CAN (Los Angeles Community Action Network). If it wasn’t for their tireless day-to-day work for housing, social justice, and civil rights, there would be no book. Please support them however you can.

You know I’m broke, why are you asking me for $150?
If you really really want to come and support but it is beyond your means, let me know and we can try to work something out.

Is it true Public Enemy is giving a free event after?
Yes. Public Enemy along with some other local performers will be in Skid Row later that day. Stay tuned to for details.

I tried getting the book on Amazon before, but it didn’t work. Is this a government conspiracy?

The book is now available on Amazon. It wasn’t the government that tried to stop the book’s delivery, it was aliens. But the link works now.


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