Chuck D on Freedom Now!

Well, my wife and I, Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson — she’s a professor at the University of Santa Barbara —we had been involved with this book that looked into that whole area of Skid Row, and I’ve worked with the organization Los Angeles Community Action Network. A lot of people have worked on this problem and that area, but it’s still under wraps. So we spent a day or two talking and working with people that are homeless, and I said I got to make a statement. Hip-hop has to make a statement. I said I have to drag hip-hop down here. Because when people look at hip-hop, they look at hip-hop from the dirtiest of window panes. I got good friends like Bono, and they’re always in the middle of important things. We’ve always done important things worldwide but I felt this is a statement that marks our 25th year…

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