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Andrea Gibbons has just published a fantastic new review of Freedom Now! in the academic journal City. Thanks Andrea!

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Freedom Now editors interviewed on “Against the Grain”!

“Criminalizing the Homeless, Criminalizing the Rest of Us”

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“Homelessness may seem a fact of life in a highly unequal society. But there’s much more to it than that. Radical scholars Christina Heatherton and Jordan T. Camp argue that homelessness is fundamentally tied to an intensely racialized form of political control and economic restructuring of our society over the past 40 years, unleashed partially in response to the black freedom struggle and urban rebellions of the 1960s. They discuss why places like Los Angeles’ Skid Row have become a laboratory for policies that ultimately will be applied to our society at large.”

Operation Skid Row (the real story)

Image: Chuck D by Shepard Fairey via

“Chuck D and Public Enemy, The Real McCoy, and reggae artist Arise Roots, will put on a free concert for the residents of Los Angeles’ Skid Row district on Sunday, January 15.

This event, dubbed as both the “Operation Skid Row Music Festival” and the “Occupy Skid Row Music Festival”, is a call to action for “the Hip Hop community to get actively engaged in social organizations and social movements,” according to a statement issued by the organizer, Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN).

Pete White of LA CAN told KPCC that even though there will be famous rappers present, “it’s not a show,” explaining that in addition to music there will be speakers, poetry, conversation about social movements, and a “re-imagining” of some of the bleakest areas of our city.”

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Chuck D on Freedom Now!

Well, my wife and I, Dr. Gaye Theresa Johnson — she’s a professor at the University of Santa Barbara —we had been involved with this book that looked into that whole area of Skid Row, and I’ve worked with the organization Los Angeles Community Action Network. A lot of people have worked on this problem and that area, but it’s still under wraps. So we spent a day or two talking and working with people that are homeless, and I said I got to make a statement. Hip-hop has to make a statement. I said I have to drag hip-hop down here. Because when people look at hip-hop, they look at hip-hop from the dirtiest of window panes. I got good friends like Bono, and they’re always in the middle of important things. We’ve always done important things worldwide but I felt this is a statement that marks our 25th year…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Freedom Now

Is it too late to get tickets?
Almost. We still have some tickets left. If you are planning on coming, please RSVP asap to

$150 for a book party?! What the…..?
This event is a fundraiser for LA CAN (Los Angeles Community Action Network). If it wasn’t for their tireless day-to-day work for housing, social justice, and civil rights, there would be no book. Please support them however you can.

You know I’m broke, why are you asking me for $150?
If you really really want to come and support but it is beyond your means, let me know and we can try to work something out.

Is it true Public Enemy is giving a free event after?
Yes. Public Enemy along with some other local performers will be in Skid Row later that day. Stay tuned to for details.

I tried getting the book on Amazon before, but it didn’t work. Is this a government conspiracy?

The book is now available on Amazon. It wasn’t the government that tried to stop the book’s delivery, it was aliens. But the link works now.